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Customers who purchased RadarOpus AFTER May 1st 2018:
You are eligible for a free update to RadarOpus 2.2!
(May 2019 is the start of the GDPR privacy regulations).
With the update you will also get a minimum of 12 months free support and updates.

Existing customers:
- Free tech support to help you install RadarOpus 2.2 when you purchase it.
- Peace Of Mind Cover: Free tech support for minimum 12 months after purchasing a payable RadarOpus update
- Outside of Peace Of Mind Cover: Single fee per support (not time sensitive) of 50.
(note: RadarOpus 2.2 update which includes the Peace of Mind Cover only costs 59)

New customers:
- Peace Of Mind Cover: Free tech support for 12 months after purchasing a RadarOpus

More info here.

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